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Brioche, not for beginners huh,.?

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Anonymous baker (not verified)

Brioche, not for beginners huh,.?

Trouble mixing. Adding eggs in two batches as in The Professional Chef 7th Edition, page 891, and I can't get them incorporated without adding additional flour. A lot of flour. Also, when adding the butter, does it take a lot of flour to bring the dough together? First time making. I have some baking experience I just had a lot of trouble with this dough,.? Any help will be greatly appreciated,.!

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Mini Oven

I have no experience with that recipe but I find combining all the wet liquids together first including melted butter and then adding  to the mixed up dry ingredients works good to combine them.  If you combine unmelted butter, put it with the dry stuff.  Hope that helps.    :)  Mini Oven