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Tartine To Cover or Not To Cover

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Tartine To Cover or Not To Cover


I'm new to TFL.  What a great site!  Also, I'm trying my hand at Tartine bread for the first time.  After a long day following Chad's recipe to the T, I didn't see anything about covering the dough in its different stages, namely the bulk rise and the final rise.  One dough was left overnight for the bulk rise and had a slightly tough skin on it in the morning, and the others were placed in the frig for the final rise/retard until I bake this morning and came out with a tough skin.  Does anyone have any insight as to if the skin will affect the bread and if I was supposed to cover the dough in the different stages?  Thank you.

Also, if anyone else has a wood-fired oven, could you tell me if the Tartine recipe works in the oven.  I have built one in my backyard and have loved it for pizza and bread making, but am tinkering with the idea of working more on the bread side of things.  Again, thanks for any help!!!