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BBGA open houses, US and Canada, Saturday, June 25

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BBGA open houses, US and Canada, Saturday, June 25

A number of bakeries are doing open houses tomorrow, organized by the Bread Bakers Guild. As might be expected, events and times vary by location. Membership is not a prerequisite for most of the events, as far as I can tell. Many states are represented, but it's not massive coverage by any means.

I'm lucky because a local bakery is having informal ongoing behind-the-scenes tours and bread tastings (!). Others are more formal, some even with demos. There's a Excel spreadsheet, listing all the events, available on the BBGA website. (Word and most word-processing programs will open spreadsheets.)

To see if there's something happening in your town, go to the BBGA page at, where the second item is the "Guild-Wide Bakery Open House." At the end of the third paragraph is a little "click here" link to the spreadsheet, which will download automatically when you click on it.