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36 hour SD baguette and country loaves - for once, I REDUCED hydration!

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36 hour SD baguette and country loaves - for once, I REDUCED hydration!

Yes, miracle can happen, I actually decreased hydration in my 36 hour baguette dough to make country loaves out of it. Of course I had to also try a few baguettes just to see how much crumb gets affected. I had wanted to keep it at 70%, but the new whole rye flour I am using is very very very dry/thirsty. My 100% rye starter was usually a wet paste, with the new flour, it's actually a firm dough! Had to increase the hydration to 73% just to make sure the starter can be evenly distributed, the dough handles like a 70% (or maybe even 68%) "normal flour" dough.

AP flour, 425g

ice water, 290g

rye starter (100%), 100g

white starter (100%), 50g

salt, 10g

- to make the dough and do bulk rise follow the basic 36 hour sourdough baguette formula here

- divide dough in 4 parts, each weights around 230g, preshape and rest for 40 min, two of them were shaped into baguettes, one was shaped into boule, the last one was shaped into batard

- proof for 30min, score, bake with steam at 460F for 25min.

Nice and open crumb for the country loaves

Baguettes aren't bad either. It shows that even though higher hydration help with a more open crumb, but you can still achieve a hole-y baguette at moderate hydration.

Submitting to Yeastspotting.


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Impressive results.  :)   How does it taste?

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I have been making some variations of this formula every week, the taste has always been great: sweetness from long autolyse and fermentation, slightly tangy from sourdough, and added complexity from rye. This one is no exception. :)

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txfarmer, as usual a beautiful presentation of lovely breads... But where did I miss the the information on this "new whole rye"?


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Ha, the flour is only "new" to me, got from here: , several TFL folks recommended it. The medium rye handles similar to other rye flour I used before, but the whole rye flour (which I use to feed my rye starter) is the most thirsty flour I  have ever seen! Great flavor though. 

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A bit like the "New" Antique... LOL


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It is interesting how the hydration profile changes so much between flours. Personally, I've found that the same grain will be much more  thirsty when ground more finely.  It really makes me believe that an extended autolyse is necessary to fully saturate the flour particles.

Your baguette scoring is beautiful!


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Thanks Eric. The flour was "dark whole rye" from NYB, so very thirsty. Their medium rye handles similar to other rye flour I have used before though.

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Man!  Super Sweet!!!  You are total Pro!  Scoring is way awesome!!  Nice pictures!!!

Thanks for sharing!! :)


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Your baguettes look wonderful. I'm starting a batch tomorrow morning. I've been baking baguettes with steam for 10 min and 15 without steam. Do you back with steam for the entire 25min? Also, I'm going to start on Thursday morning and evening but can't bake until Saturday morning instead of Friday evening. Is there any adjustments I need to make.  Thanks, Jonathan

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No, I steam the first 10min only. You may be able to stretch out the fermenation longer, but with sourdough, I can't say for sure.

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...and beautiful crumb.  Nice work!


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Thanks Glenn!

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Looks delish! Well done.

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These look amazing - and thanks also for the link to your previous post! 

Very impressive, wonderful crumb, great scoring & crust - superb...

I will definitely be trying this method & recipe - thank you so much