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2 KG Miche-very sour

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2 KG Miche-very sour

I finally achieved the more than usually sour miche I have been trying for lately.

A 2Kg loaf, 70% hydration, 60% White Whole Wheat flour.  I first had a larger percentage (close to 40%) of the final dough as a sour levain, mixed with cold-autolysed (18 hours) flour and water, along with salt and a little extra water for a second hydration.  

5 S&Fs over about 40 minutes, then fermented 24 hours (noon to noon) in the fridge, with one s&f just before I went to bed, so it didn't get over-fermented overnight.  Shaped while still cold and raised in a large bowl lined with my couche cloth, and retarded in the fridge another 8 hours, then at room temp for 1 1/2 hours.  Scored in a pattern inspired by Breadsong's beautiful scoring here.  Baked on pizza stones with ovren preheated to 500, then after loading and steaming temp was reduced to 425 for 25 minutes, then 400 for another 25 minutes.

The resulting loaf is huge, weighing in at just over 2 Kg.

 The crust got good and crackly:

I sliced it open (reluctantly) after cooling it for 3 hours.

Sweet rich flavour, with a cool creamy feel and a strong sour taste that almost bites you back!  I think this might be close to the limit of sourness, which is what I was aiming for. If past experience is anything to go by (this is my third such Miche) the flavour should improve further with time.

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I really love the scoring.  The scoring reminds me of Chinese Orchid Paintings that I have seen.  The link just opens to a google search of Chinese Orchid Paintings.  Your bread has a very nice art balance to it.  Someday I would like to try and score a miche like that.  I'll have to explore your method of making it sour too.  Thanks for posting.

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Mini Oven

:)   and a pleasing crumb!

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And a higher profile than many miches.  From what you describe, the flavor may be past my personal preference but it is good to hear that you achieved your target.


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Hello Mason,
Your miche is beautiful! I can see it must be big (two cooling racks to support it!)
I think you did a wonderful job of scoring and thanks very much for the kind mention in your post.
:^) from breadsong