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Multi Stage Recipe Manager (MSRM) Excel spreadsheet

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Multi Stage Recipe Manager (MSRM) Excel spreadsheet


After my last attempt for a spreadsheet to help me with my recipes named "Bread Calculator" I've tried to make something better.

The main improvement is the ability to describe a recipe in more detail, in stages.

With it, I can separate (or break down) and define up to 4 + 1 stages to give my recipes a progressive appearance. That helps me a lot when I have to do with more complex ones.

Maybe it is not so easy to understand how it works, compared to BC (Bread Calculator) therefore I’m trying to write and post (soon) a help file.

Another addition is that I have ONLY one Excel file, but I can save each recipe as a data file (with .rec extension) everywhere to my computer. That helps me to solve the problem of updates, because each time I change something in the code, I have to re-enter all my recipes again (a lot of work!!).

MSRM screenshot

I added also a Hide/Show functionality for the stages, to make the spreadsheet more elegant for simple recipes.

Finally it has the ability to export both in HTML format and to Word as a document.

I’m using it for the last three months, and I believe that it works fine (for my needs).

The only problem is that it has a lot of code inside (MS-Office 2003 with VBA) and I’m not sure if it works under Mac.

If anyone brave enough wants to try it, please PM me and I’ll send a copy.

Of course I’ll answer any questions about.


Happy baking to all TFL’s


Dimitris Zolotas