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A simple rustic large loaf

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uncle goosehead

A simple rustic large loaf

I know people like to weigh and measure.  I am more of a 'all loaves will be different' kind of baker and go by feel.  Been doing this for 20+ years, started when the kids were little, continue along every weekend.  I did pick up on the folding and autolysing ideas from this site, which i joined just a little while ago. Part of my reason, is that I also bake when we go north into the bush and lake country.  I have an anodized aluminum dutch oven for that, and plenty of hungry volunteer kneaders.

I wore out my original Kitchen Aid mixer.  This was a solid 10 cup flour model from the late 1980s.  I kept the stainless bowls.  They don't fit anything, but they are good bowls.  My current KA is tilt head model, also 10 cup capacity.  I have been developing arthritis so hand kneading has not been my favourite idea.  Folding and autolysing makes me think I can keep this for smaller things, like noodle making and whipping egg whites and cream.  So I am very glad to have found this site!

Simple Big Rustic Load


1/2 c spelt fl
1/2 c wh wheat fl
1/2 tsp yeast
1 cup water
mix briefly w/ mixer cover w/ wrap
5 pm


2 c unbl fl
1 cup water
mix w/ spoon cover with wrap
9:30 pm

next morning 13.5 hrs later (from start)

preferment + autolysed + the following:

2 c wh wheat fl
1 tsp sea salt
1 tbsp grapesead oil
1 tbsp yeast
mix until smooth, stop

2 hours later: fold dough twice

another 2 hours alter: fold again twice
form into ball and score 3x3
into 9x9 pyrex square pan

4 hours later, put 1/2 c boiling water into pan under:bake 12 mins @ 500°F convection (This is a KA convection/conventional oven, the temps are 25° higher in conventional oven on average, with times the same)
bake 15 mins @ 500°F convection
bake 20 mins @ 325°F convection
bake 5 mins @ 300°F convection removed from pan on rack

Loaf stands 6.5".  Probably got an inch of oven-spring. I'll get some photos put up if I can figure out how.  The crumb is close and regular, like I wanted.  The crust is a little bit chewy and little bit crunchy.  Also just right.  I have tomorrow's preferment going as of this morning.  It's 1/2 c of each of: barley flour, rye flour and whole wheat with 1.5 c water and 1/2 tsp yeast.

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uncle goosehead

before baking baked


That was easy - figuring out photos. This was a cold day in April, the 16th. It snowed a bit this morning. The kitchen was at 21°C in the morning and 18°C at night. The humidity is just less than 30%. We are a dry, cold climate, where summer is 3 or 4 months of bad skiiing and snowshoing. But that's when we canoe. I started tommorrow's bread this morning and expect I'll make it into 3 loaves. I suspect we'll make french toast out of some slices of today's for breakfast.

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That looks like real nice bread. It was cool last few days here in Arizona also. Temps went from 90F to 80F.

Have a nice day

Mr. Bob