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BBA Challenge: Week 10 - Cornbread

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BBA Challenge: Week 10 - Cornbread

It's week 10 of the BBA Challenge, and I figured this week I was in big trouble.

To start off, I must admit that I'm not really the biggest fan of cornbread. It's okay, but it's just not really my thing. Given that this is the case, I'm not really the best judge of its quality. So that means I'd be flying blind. However, add to that the fact that I am married to a Southerner who was raised on the stuff. So I knew that no matter what I baked up, I wouldn't be able to know if it really was any good, and regardless, she'd think it was worthless. I totally understood the problem going in. If my wife made a rustic Italian bread, I'd scoff too. It's just natural.

So essentially I was going into a lose-lose scenario this week. Not only that, but I also worried that making this cornbread was now going to expose me to the reopening of a drastic and deep wound that I mistakenly caused some time ago. I'll explain below the fold. To read the rest of this post, and to see what the other BBA Challenge Participants did, click here: