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Return to baking...

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Return to baking...

This morning marked my return to baking following a long hiatus. The holidays, vacation, and grant writing all converged to make baking an impossibility. My starter, left unattended for weeks, was on its last legs. Fortunately I was able to bring it back to former glory with only a couple of feedings. I began the process for making Hamelman's 'Vermont Sourdough' yesterday, retarded overnight and baked this morning. This has to be my favorite sourdough bread, the small inclusion of rye and mild tang give a perfectly balanced flavor. 

Since I haven't baked in a while I really took my time and savored the process.













Happy Baking,



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The Vermont Sourdough (or in my case, Virginia Sourdough) is one of my favorite's of Hamelman's for the reasons you cite.  I'm happy to see you went for a bold bake.  Nice looking grigne and caramelization around it.


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On all points.  That formula never disappoints.

You certainly didn't lose any skills during your hiatus.

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thank you for the kind comments Larry and Lindy.

Larry - I agree, I feel this loaf really benefits from a good long bake to get some color in the crust. I have to place a piece of foil under the loaf around 30 min into the bake in order for the bottom not to burn. However, even with a charred base this loaf is delicious!