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Pull Apart Pecan Buns & Frangipane Persimmon Brioche Tarts - what to do with leftover brioche dough

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Pull Apart Pecan Buns & Frangipane Persimmon Brioche Tarts - what to do with leftover brioche dough

I was up at 3:30 to bake sourdough pannetones last night, thanks to my starter that has a mind of its own and dislike preset schedules. It was a sucessful bake, the breads are being hung upside down at home as I type, will take pictures and post about my yearly sourdough holiday bread "torture" in a few days. In the mean time...


I had about 600g+ brioche dough leftover from my Tartine Kugelhopf (or Gugelhupf as Mini prefers :P), defrosed overnight (it had been frozen for about a week) and made two recipes from it. The first one is based on this recipe, with different dough obviously. I didn't retard the proof either, just proofed the shaped dough at room temp for about 2 hours. Used 450g of dough (in 12 pieces) for a 9inch pie pan. Gooey and delicious, butter and sugar melted and coated the pecan pieces, turning them into "candied pecans". Combined with "soft-beyond-belief" brioche dough, it was perfect for the brunch I was hosting.

Still got about 200g of dough left, and I made tarts with some FuYu persimmon I had on hand. The presentation was based on Wildyeast's post here. Each 4inch tart pan took about 80g of dough. Very delicate flavors, perfect for a light dessert or snack.


I am in love with shooting pictures in natural light!

---------------- Other holiday baking ---------------------

Over the past months also, I have been baking up a storm, most of these are for gifts, but I did sample plenty to make sure they are good!


German Springerle, took me quite a few tries to get right.

The molds are about "Twelve Days of Christmas", adds another dimension of fun!

Scotch shortbreads, made with cake flour + rice flour, velvety smooth and crumbly.

Chocolate version, dipped in chocolate ganache, just in case there's not enough chocoalte or calorie!

Chocolate cookie with peanut butter "surprise" center, recipe here

Another peanut butter cookie with PB chips and choc chips, recipe here


Submitting to Yeastspotting.


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I believe I will try that recipe next week.  Thanks.!


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Good luck, hope you like those!

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Everything you make always looks wonderful. I baked 10 different kinds of christmas cookies so far and thought I was done. But then I saw your Scottish shortbread. Do you think you could post the recipe?

Thanks and Merry Christmas!


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For one 9X9 square pan, but I used 1 8inch fluted tart pan and 1 6inch round cake pan


cake flour, 225g

rice flour, 90g

butter, 227g

salt, 1/4tsp, softened

powder sugar, 100g


1. Mix together cake flour, rice flour, and salt, shift 3 times.

2. Beat buter until smooth, add in powder sugar, beat until fluffy

3. Add flour mixture in two additions, mix to combine, do not over-mix.

4. Spread evenly to pan

5. Bake at 300F for 55-60min, take out, cool for 5min, cut into small rectangles (if using 9inch square pan), or wedges (if using round), shift some sugar on top, bake for another 10min. Cool for 10min, take out the pieces, and put them on a baking tray with space in between, bake for another 10min to let the edge brown a little.

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That all looks too tempting! Especially the peanut butter cookies. Before I came to the US I never had anything to do with peanut butter, but now I love it.

I read the recipe for the "Surprise" cookies. The reviewers had several suggestions for additions (sourcream, another egg, less sugar) - did you follow those?

Happy holidays,



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PB is really a north American thing, isn't it? A lot of my European friends aren't into it. I didn't do any modifications, I find it works as is.

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Mini Oven

Oh my!  Everything looks just too good!   Merry Christmas!

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Funny thing is that I hardly had any of my baked goodies. Sampled each a little, then they were either packed and sent out, or devoured by guests.

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Txfarmer, thanks for the great recipe.  I made brioche dough yesterday and pecan buns today.  They are incredibly delectable.  I had family over for dessert tonight and got great compliments. I'll post pictures on my blog soon.  Happy new year!