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Tartine Kugelhopf - holiday baking continues...

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Tartine Kugelhopf - holiday baking continues...

I have done 2 stollen recipes (yilding 3 big, 1 bigger-than-huge loaves), coffeebreads, cookies, now Kugelhopf. Still have a big one to come: pure sourdough pannetone, yup, after last year's sourdough pandora, I am crazy enough to take on another around of sweet starter insanity. The test run went great (with wacky timing though, I was up and baking bread at 4am), will do the real batch this weekend and report back.


Now back to the bread at hand, two years ago, I saw a beautiful Kugelhopf pan on sale at local grocery store, of all places. Hesitated, and it was back to the original price the next day. I have been waiting for it to go on sale ever since, and finally happened 2 weeks ago! With the pan in hand, I made the Kugelhopf reciep from the "Tartine Bread Book". It ueses the all purpose brioche dough in the book, with some extra kugelhopf ingredients.


Golden and beautiful out of the oven, and smell heavenly!


All dress up


With around 30% butter, it's a light brioche, I knead the dough well to pass the windowpane, which results in a light and airy crumb.


The recipe used pistachio, and I replaced some apricot with cranberries, in addition to lots of rum soaked currants, just love the colorful crumb, so festive. This shot is done under sunlight, which gives a totally different feel from the ones above (done with lights). Too bad it's so rare for me to have sunlight and finished breads at the same time.

Highly recommend it, the recipe can be found in the "Tartine Bread Book".


Submitting to Yeastspotting.


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How would you serve the slices - with whipped cream maybe ? Or do they taste ok without anything else ?

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They are sweet brioche, so I'd say they are perfect without anything else, other than maybe some coffee or mulled wine. Of course you can have it with jam, just like other sweet breads.

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yummy :)

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What a beauty!!!! I defintely love the crumb shot - so airy with the nuts and fruits! Great job!

Happy baking tx!

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louie brown

And very nice photos as well. Must get back to the Tartine book...

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THanks! I've liked all the breads I made from that book.

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Very nice looking bread. Isn't that sunlight wonderful for the colors. Thanks for sharing this bake with us.


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Thanks Eric! The first thing you told me about photographing was how good natural lighting is, and you are right. Now I just wish I have access to it more often!

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TxFarmer strickes again with a fabulous bake! 


Always look forward to your inspirational posts!


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Thanks Jay!

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Mini Oven

A Beautiful Gugelhupf and the photos are a delight.  Such an inspiration!  

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Thanks Mini! Now only if we can convince my boss of the same thing...:P

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I'm confused. Some sources say this is a distillation of orange blossom essence, similar to rose water. Others describe it as an orange liqueur.

Either way, my budget is busted by the price of cardamom, and my patience for looking for the stuff has worn thin. For kugelhopf, what is a substitute? Orange extract? Zest?



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I think it's essence, not liqueur, however here's what I found online:

"For 1/2 tsp orange flower water substitute 1 to 2 drops orange oil OR 2 to 3 tsp orange liqueur such as Triple Sec"


I have not tried this myself, but looks reasonable. BTW, I got my orange blossom water form a local middle eastern food shop. NOt that expensive.

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the cranberry pistachio combination is my fave too。 if nothing else, the colours are such a nice contrast.

btw i made your sourdough pan de mie. Turned out very well. Interesting mix of sour with the richness from the cream (I used double cream instead of butter), soft yet "shreddably strong" as you put it. The only problem i had was the dough was so sticky i could hardly roll it out the Asian way. I don't suppose you have this problem.

I wanted to post on your link but my camera has died on me :((