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Pugliese from Advanced Bread and Pastry

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Pugliese from Advanced Bread and Pastry

Hello, Recently, Floydm made a lovely potato bread, and SylviaH made Rose Levy Beranbaum's Pugliese - both really beautiful loaves!
Inspired by their efforts, I wanted to try making something similar. I saw this formula for Pugliese in Advanced Bread and Pastry, which included mashed potato in the formula. It's hard to say what the ultimate hydration is, as I'm not sure how much water the potato contributed. These loaves really crackled and sang when they came out of the oven; the bread has a wonderful aroma and the crumb was very moist.
I scored the boule but not the second loaf; it made no difference in the final height of the baked loaves.
Here are the results:


Here is the formula: From SUAS. Advanced Bread and Pastry, 1E. © 2009 Delmar Learning, a part of Cengage Learning, Inc. Reproduced by permission.

      Final Dough weight in grams      
  Baker's Percentages Weights Baker's
  Dough Sponge Dough Sponge Total %
Bread flour 0.93 0.8 230 198 428  
White whole wheat flour 0.07 0.2 17 50 67  
Water 0.6 0.55 149 137 286 57.8%
Yeast instant 0.0048 0.004 1.20 0.99 2.19 0.4%
Salt 0.05   12.40   12.4 2.5%
Sponge 1.5532   386      
Mashed potatoes 0.82   204   204 41.2%
 Totals 4.028 1.554 1000 386 1000  

Here is a link to the manufacturer of the square banneton I used for the unscored loaf, in case anyone is interested: (this page shows the engraved bannetons)

With thanks to Mr. Suas for this really, really good formula!  Regards, breadsong




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What beautiful pugliese and lovely crumb and crust.  They all look very delicious!

Gotta love potato in bread : )


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Hi Sylvia, I'm glad you liked these loaves. I will try this bread again sometime, and hope for a loaf that comes out as perfect as yours did!  Regards, breadsong

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louie brown

Great looking inside and out.


Interesting about the potatoes. I wonder if this is something from Italian tradition, or if Mr. Suas put it in for his own reasons.

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Hi louie, Thanks so much. Mr. Suas writes that mashed potatoes were added when flour was not available in sufficient quantity. 
I tried making a potato-dough dinner roll once and it produced a very light-textured and flavorful roll. Given that experience and now this, I'll be making potato doughs more often. 
Regards, breadsong