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Recipe Planning questions

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Recipe Planning questions

So unfortunately its been a bit since I have been around here or able to bake.  (and my lower oven element broke, and we're likely moving soon so haven't gotten it fixed, ect)  

but last year for thanksgiving my parents came here and I did a bunch of rolls and it went over wonderfully. everyone loved it.  

this year, we're going up there.  but I still want to do some rolls, and I can't bake them at home and bring them already made.

for thanksgiving rolls, I want to make a bunch of whole wheat rolls, sorta winging it, going for about 2/3 or so WW flour. 

also thinking about a Potato Roll recipe from a book my fiancee's father has, that went over REALLY well last year.

I'm also thinking about that sweet potato roll recipe I saw here. that sounds awesome for thanksgiving. 

oh, and I also want to make some melon bread for the hell of it. 

so theres my plans as far as what I'd like to bake.

I want to have one of the family members THERE, start about 2c of the WW flour soaking, in the fridge.   figuring to have that soaking for at least 24 hours before use. 

I am also thinking that starting a moderately stiff preferment HERE and bringing it WITH me when I travel, and split that between the WW rolls and melon bread. 

so my question is basically this:

1) do you think soaker-ing the WW Flour component for the rolls is worthwhile?

2) do you think that the preferment in this way, is worth the effort?  negligible? actually a BAD idea?

3) if #2 is yes, about how much Instant Yeast would you use per cup of flour? timing wise, I'm figuring likely about 15-20 hours between home, and using it at the destination.  I could make it that morning, or the night before, and refrigerate it until leaving. 

(oh and I'm traveling by bus, so no concern about groping cancer-machine gestapo taking issue with my having a ziplock of bread dough in my bag)