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Need help with Conchas recipe from Wild Yeast

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Need help with Conchas recipe from Wild Yeast

I'm already 9 hours into the first fermentation of the Conchas recipe from Wild Yeast and I'm feeling like something isn't right...

The sponge was so dry that I had to squeeze it together so it would form a ball.  It eventually doubled at the 2 hour mark so I went ahead with the final dough.  The final dough came together with an extra Tbsp each of water and butter.  It's now been in the fridge for 9 hours (in a ceramic bowl covered with plastic wrap) and it doesn't look it it has risen at all and the top is forming a crust.  I had planned to leave it in for the full 16 hours to get a deeper flavor but now I'm wondering if I may have done something wrong.

The only thing I did that deviated from the recipe was to use Active Dry yeast (soaked in the water that was used in each step).

Tell me if I did something wrong!