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Trader Joe's Honey seed bread

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Trader Joe's Honey seed bread

I offer a challenge to anyone on this site.  I am an avid baker like many of you and have had great success recently with sour dough starter breads- I think my best success was last weekend with the Thom Leonard's boule recipe from Maggie Glezer's artisan bread book.   It was flavorful and the crust was wonderfully crunchy.  (I still need to work on my shaping, however. It came out more rectangular than round!!)

Now to the challenge:  I often buy (horror's- bought bread :) !!  a loaf of Trader Joe's Three Seed and Honey Seed bread, and it is really special tasting.  I think what makes it special is the small amount of honey and the seeds, especially the fennel seeds.  It has poppy seeds in the dough, and more poppy seeds, fennel seeds, and sesame seeds on the crust.  If anyone is familiar with this bread- I buy it in the Philadelphia area, I thought maybe you could help me to come up with a formula which would be like or probably better than the original!!!