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Hamelman Vermont Sourdough

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Hamelman Vermont Sourdough

Have been lurking (and continuing to bake) for quite a while.  I recently purchased my copy of Hamelman's "Bread" and have been really enjoying it.  This book is definitely a step up for me in my journey.

So, I made the Vermont Sourdough and it was pretty wonderful. Then I decided to try the one with increased whole grain.  My first mistake was in not thoroughly reading the formula before beginning -- was not expecting it to be too different.  Only when I was putting together the final dough did I realize that the ingredient amounts were not correct.  My dough is now in final proof stage, and I don't know how it will turn out.

I just read all of the previous posts regarding the printing errors, and have corrected my book to reflect the correct amounts.  I had thought that it was only the water amount that was off.  Now I see that it is also the flour amount.  I added more whole wheat flour and hope that it all turns out OK.

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy, and am learning from, this site.