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Reinharts french bread recipe

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Reinharts french bread recipe

I just started baking and I bought Peter Reinharts artisan breads everyday. I am making the classic french bread and i had 2 issues: firs one was he says to make the dough the day before and put in fridge overnight, which I did. today was the day i woe up tokk my dough ou and had to cut into 10oz portions and shape to a batard. The problem I have is   shaping them into batards I feel cold dough was not letting me seel the dough and as I was rolling the m I felt it was coming apart at the seems. Should i Have let the dough rest at room temp first before shaping?

Second issue Ihad was afer scoring which I used a serrated knife, I baled bread according to the book using the hearth oven method and the bread didnt spring and I ended uo with just slashes in bread that didnt poof out. I think issue was while bread was proofing I left them on top of hot oven and the proofed masybe too quickly?