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Differences between Sir Galahad and Sir Lancelot ( other than the name)

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Differences between Sir Galahad and Sir Lancelot ( other than the name)

I was wondering if any of you know off hand what the performance differences between KA  Sir Lancelot and Sir Galahad flours are.  I know the protien and ash percentages are different but how does that change the final product.  Do certain breads come out better when using one or another?  Thanks for the info in advance.



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Erik- Sir Galahad has a protein content of 11.7% and is retail marketed as King Arthur All-Purpose Flour.  It has a range of uses, but is particularly well-suited to breads such as baguettes and ciabatta where you want to achieve a thin, crisp crust.

Sir Lancelot, by contrast, is a high-gluten flour, with a protein content of 14.2%.  It is excellent for pizza dough, bagels, and especially for high content rye breads where the lack of gluten in the rye flour is compensated for by using a high-gluten flour.  However, it is not well suited to breads where you are looking for crisp crust and not-so-chewy crumb.

Hope that helps.


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Sir Galahad is merely the "professional"/restaurant/food service version of KA All Purpose. KAAP of course is marketed to individual consumers and sold in retail stores. There is no difference between Sir Galahad and KAAP except the name and packaging. It is an 11.7 % protein unbleached, malted, white flour.

Sir Lancelot is only marketed to professionals, restaurants, etc, although individuals can buy it directly from KA. It does seem to show up at times in the buying clubs, like Costco, etc.

Sir Lancelot is a white, unbleached high gluten flour with about 14.2 % protein. There is no KA retail equivalent.

The highest protein KA flour sold at retail is KA Bread Flour(12.7 % protein), which is the same as the professionally distributed KA Special bread flour.

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Thanks guys, that was exactly the information I was looking for.  Good to know that the commercial "AP" is the same as Sir Galahad.

 Hmmm, I'll have to try baguettes using the AP.  The ones I make with KA bread flour always come out too heavy and with a thick crust.



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If you really want to break the bank, Erik, you can order KAF's French-style flour from their website.

It's high-ash, medium protein and makes lovely baguettes.