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@Teketeke ようこそTFLへ

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@Teketeke ようこそTFLへ

Teketekeさんこんにちは 20年間日本に住みましたがニュージーランドに帰ってからCookpadにかなりお世話になっています。Chi-chiのレシピーを見て美味しそうなパンをたくさん紹介していますね。オーブンいろいろたいへんでした!その件でちょっと言おうと思いましたがTFLの皆さんが内容分かるように日本語はここまで。では

Teketeke I'm sorry to hear of your troubles with your oven. I have an old but reliable oven and not wanting steam to damage it I use a large roasting tin to cover my bread at the beginning of the bake. There are grooves around the bottom and I add water to the outer groove and spray the sides and lid. As it is made of very thin material I do not preheat it. I find it safer to use without preheating too. Depending on what I am baking I generally remove the lid after about 15 minutes.

Khalid (MeBake) has posted photos of his set-up, he has even added a baking stone to the lid of his.  Take a look:

Others use a stainless steel bowl (search  on TFL using "Susan's magic bowl"), but for baguettes, something longer is needed. I hope you can find something suitable for your oven to cover your baguettes, to provide steamy conditions at the beginning of the bake.

Have you seen Shiao-Ping's post on the baguettes she made from the Mandarin translation of the bookバゲットの技術 ?

I am looking forward to shopping for bread baking books when I am next in Japan (and eating lots of yummy bread too!)



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I checked a large pan with lid which Khalid uses  at the store today. It costs $19.99. But, before that, I want to buy 2 rectangle pizza stones that will be hurting me~.

And, I couldn't find the one that you describe that has grooves around the bottom. I will look for it at the Walmart tomorrow. 

I will envy you when you go to Japan!!! I haven't gone for 5 years. I can buy Japanese bakery books at "" but I can't eat Japanese bread!!!

I really appreciate your help,