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Hamelman Miche and Gosselin cold retarded baguette

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Hamelman Miche and Gosselin cold retarded baguette

I made Poliane Miche from BBA last year, tried Hamelman's version this weekend. A lot more water, still used Golden Buffalo flour, came out of the oven yesterday morning.

Crumb is more open than BBA version, which is reasonable since it has a lot more water, but not as open as the picture in the book or on some of the posts here on TFL. Might be my handling, maybe my flour is thirsty, or maybe the final proof is a tad too long (the book suggested 2 to 2.5 hours, I did 2 in my 73F house)

But, oh my goodness, I love the flavor. Came out of the oven yesterday, cut and tried a few slices this morning. Comparing to BBA version, this one is less "meaty", more "delicate" (if one can call a 3lb+ dark loaf of bread "delicate"). Only slightly sour, with a very complex flavor profile, I am looking forward to see how the taste would change in the next few days. Now I want to try the miche formula with mixed flour in the same book.

Oh yeah, "H" stands for "Hamelman" of couse, I want to try  a variety of miche recipes, then modify them to come up with my own "txfarmer house miche" formula.


Made another batch of Gosselin baguette with cold retarding (as I blogged here), I like the retardation methods, which makes it easy to have it ready for Friday dinner. It was perfect with some soup. Used KA AP flour this time, 76% hydration, and reduced yeast amount to 1/2 tsp (adjusted fermentation time accordingly).

Used the "New" shaping/preshaping techniques I learned from SFBI, very nice. Scoring is still insanely difficult with this 76% hydration dough. We like this bread so much, I am sure I will get enough practice, hopefully I will get big ears on them one day!


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The Gosselin baguettes' crumb is extraordinary!


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It's quickly becoming my favorite baguette formula - love the rich flavor from long autolyse and fermentation, plus it's timing is convenient for a working person.

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I can't make baguettes like you can; that's for sure!

Best wishes


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Now if only the Russian Rye breads would come out half decent... :P

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Boy, I love the look of that miche. I particularly like the dark crust you got (which I can imagine is amazing to bite into) and the lovely crumb colour! :)

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The well caramalized crust contrasts nicely with the moist crumb, very very flavorful indeed! It's now 3rd day after it's baked, still delicious.

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Good work tx! Both the miche and the baguette look wonderful! You inspire me to work on my baguettes when I get back from vacation!


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Enjoy your vacation!

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I don't have and not going to buy a scale

what is the conversion of gm's to C , please


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I only bake with weight measurements, unless it's very small amount, then I use tsp and TBSP. No objection to baking with volume, but IMO there are enough variables when it comes to describing and commuciating baking formulas, I'd rather not introduce even more imprecision. I've done the experiments, personally, my cup of flour can vary from 120g to 155g depending on measuring methods, the cup, flour, weather, how much flour left in the bag, my mood, phase of the moon etc, water of course is 237g per cup, don't know whether this helps.