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Haelman's Flaxseeds Rye Bread

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Haelman's Flaxseeds Rye Bread

I have been been experimenting with rye during my past few bakes and this week I made Hamleman's rye bread with flasxseeds (wich I first saw in hansjoakim's post here). The recipe is from the site Modern Baking and you can find a reduced recipe in David's post about it. I have also made the bread as a 1 kg boule, like david did.

The bread is 40% rye and it has a soaker of bothe flax seeds and old bread (altus)- something that I realy enjoy in pumpernickel and I thought could be great in other rye breads. The hydration was a little low for me so I've added abou 2% more water until the dough felt right. I've also reduced the amont of yeast to 0.4% (2 gr), so the fermentation and proofing went a little longer.

I didn't proofed it seam side down like I saw many here did with this recipe and other rye recipes, just because I was afraid that there wouldn't be a big spring from the seams, as my boule shaping technique is not very promising. I've slashed it like a regular loaf in the "diamonds" pattern. The loaf was much smaller than I expected for a 1 kg loaf, but it didn't matter as the flavor was great.

Flaxseeds Rye


As I said earlier, the results were great. I've waited about 16 hours before cutting into it (about that- how do you keep your rye breads before slicing them without them losing all its great crust texture?). The taste was quite tangy and delicious. The flax gave it a nice nuttiness and some bite. I heartly reccomend this bread!

Hapy Baking!



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Waiting 16 hours to peek inside such a lovely loaf...good for you!

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A wonderful looking loaf - but denying yourself the pleasure of fresh bread, still a bit warm from the oven? Tasting the really crusty crust? Even if the taste might be fuller developed after a day - what are you missing...!

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My dad was a baker and one of the real pleasures was when he made rye bread.   About half an hour after the bread came out of the oven he would take one loaf, cut it into chunks and put pieces of sharp cheddar cheese on it and put it back in the oven for a few minutes.   When he took it back out, it was fantastic.   My favorite way to eat rye bread.

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Great work, jsk! Lovely boule and a terrific crumb - happy that you enjoy it!

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Thank you everybody for all the compliments!

It was'nt actually very hard to wait before slicing it as I wasn't home for 14-16 hours after the loaf was baked so it wasn't as hard as it sounds ;-)


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This looks wonderful! I haven't baked a single loaf of "slow" bread in at least six months, but seeing this has me itching to get back into it. Time to start building a starter...

Just curious, what is your source for the rye ingredients? I typically use Hodgson Mill's Whole Rye since it's readily available at grocery.

Thanks for sharing!!


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Thanks Eric!

I hope you do start baking again, it's addicting as you may know.

I don't live in the US so I buy my rye ingredients, and any other flour from local mills here in Israel.

Happy Baking!