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Looking for banneton advice

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Looking for banneton advice

Hi there,

I am going to get a banneton for my birthday (who'd have thought it would be so exciting?)--yeah!  I was researching and saw some on  They have brotforms from Germany and Slovakia.  The description of the German ones doesn't mention staples, but the Slovakian ones have them.  Would that be a problem (i.e., rust?)?  I am looking for 1.5-lb capacity and 2.25-lb capacities (doesn't that mean TWO of them?--big birthday gift!).  Suggestions please?  Thanks,


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They all have nails or staples; that's the only way to hold it together.  I have one from Germany and one from Slovakia.  The nails/staples are not really exposed except on the bottom.  I had to look hard to find them.

The brotform is never going to get so wet that rust could develop - the baskets aren't washed, just allowed to dry out well before they're put away.  

You're going to love them.  Happy upcoming birthday and be sure to get in a supply of rice flour so you can rub it into the baskets when you plan to use them (all rice flour or a 50-50 mix of rice and AP).

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I agree with Lindy, I have some wooden brotforms with staples in them and have been using them numerous times each week for over a year and haven't had a problem yet. if you are rather concerned still about possible rust or contaminants, perhaps take a look at the plastic ones available as well.

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I have willow brotforms with small nails or tacks, and I've never had problem with rust, either.

As an aside, I also have plastic ones, which I use regularly. They are easy to use and easy to wash, but I prefer the willow ones.

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proofing baskets, perhaps 8 in total, all seem to have stainless steel staples. Zero rust in 2 years of use, anyway.

I bought several of my small, round ones, locally (in Japan) and the other shapes from Fantes...

No real visible differences...You'll be fine.



CONTROVERSIAL BIT: I 'mist' or spray my proofing baskets, very lightly, with oil to keep the rice flour-AP flour mix, or the seeds I'm using, in the right places.

No problems with rancidity in all this time. One of my baskets smells strongly of fennel, but it doesn't really seem to affect the taste of the unseeded breads proofed in it. I keep my baskets in plastic shopping bags between uses. I brush them with a stiff, short-bristled brush as a form of 'cleaning' when needed...usually every 2-3 months...Best, copyu


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Have been happy with them - even the shipping to Canada was great!

I don't use rice flour, just straight UAP or sometimes rye. I just didn't like the way the rice flour showed up on my crusts, even though no one else seems to have this problem. No sticking with the UAP for me...

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We got a bit off-topic, there...Sorry!

A 10" to 10.5" (250-265mm) proofing basket should handle about 2lb of dough, or a bit more...

A 9" long (225-230mm) oval basket will take from 1 to 1.5 lb of dough.

There's no problem if the dough rises a bit over the top. (I prefer it, personally, but that's just me!)

I usually use my 8.5" (215mm) round baskets for about 1lb (430-460g) loaves. I generally bake my boules in dutch ovens, to get the great crust that I like.

This link may be helpful: 





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I don't like the idea of getting oil on my German willow bannetons, so I don't spray them, just flour them (don't worry, it sticks to the walls) sufficiently to get a good release and a pretty pattern (if floured too heavily the pattern is blurred).

I wash them with water and brush after use, let them dry and put them away. I never had any whatsoever problems with them.

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Wow!!  Thanks everyone for the good advice.  Ended up ordering from Breadtopia and got it quickly--great service!  I haven't used it yet but will and then will report how it went.  Love the look and can't wait!


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Hi Joyfulbaker,

It's probably too late to share my opinion now, but I think it could be helpful for others. From my experience a 9" round banneton will easily take 1.5 lb of dough. This 9" basket is ideal if you bake sourdough in the Dutch oven.

Also, it's better to remove all dry particles from the banneton using a stiff brush instead of immersing it into a water if you are scared of any rust. I use my new bannetons for about a year. Even though I washed it several times there is no rust whatsoever. Here is the link for the store I usually purchase from - Just make sure your bannetons are completely dry before you store them again.