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Today's Bake

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Today's Bake

I'm a little dissatisfied and happy with today's bake. Yesterday I worked with my starter and proofing, and retarded overnight to increase my sourdough taste.

I've settled on Norwich's More-Sourdough recipe to develop my skills and techniques. Everything went fine, but I think I over proofed my dough in the refrigerator. When I removed my dough and lifted the cover, it deflated somewhat. But, the initial rise was excellent. the link for the recipe is:

My other mistake was that after the initial preheat of 475 degrees, I put the bread to baked an steam at that temp for 10 minutes. I accidentally pulled my cleaning lock out some and found that the oven was off and the temp dropped to 345 degrees. Trying to save today's bake I reset the temp and kept baking the bread, adjusting the time, but was unable to capture any oven spring. The bread was baked before I was able to dry out for the recommended 10 minutes.

Here's the results, the bread tastes good and has a light textured. I lost the crumb's openness, but I may have overworked the dough slightly while working it into a ball and letting it rest for 20 minutes. However, once I formed it into a boule and put it in the fridge, it more than tripled overnight.

Thought I had the open holes but failed once again: Certainly not like the picture I'm trying to emulate.

Oh Well! Time to feed my starter and get ready for another bake.

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Ho Dough

And very much like the loaves I've been able to make. Not likely to grace the cover of an artisan bread publication, but edible just the same. Not many get thrown out.

I vote we stay with it till we get it right!