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Interestingly, I sent my sister the pics I posted here of my last disaster.  She thought the insides didn't look so bad.  But, then, she's not much of a baker, but she's a fabulous cook.  As we chatted this morning, she commented that sourdough was dense and didn't have big holes.  We've both lived in many parts of the country over the last two decades, and I guess the bakers we bought bread from weren't of the mind that sourdough should have holes in it.  Well, when I next visit her, tomorrow if my next attempt succeeds, I'll bring over my BBA and show her this website.  I also told her that bakers have different ideas of what they want their bread to be like.  As I write this, I remember eating a bread (I'm guessing it was sourdough) in France or Italy (but then it could have been Iceland) thinking I didn't remember eating a bread with so many holes in it.  Makes me want to take sojourn to the other side of the pond to see what's cooking, er, uh, baking. ;-D