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A White Bread Makeover - From Drab to Fab!

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A White Bread Makeover - From Drab to Fab!

I gave Peter Reinhart's White bread a bit of a makeover.  Check it out!

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Nothing drab about white bread they way you've done it up.  Very nice.


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makes me want to get up and go bake.

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Thanks for the video!  I've been wanting to try Kaiser rolls and didn't want to stamp them because the impression barely shows up by the time they're baked.  Now I know exactly how to shape them--knot in the center, one end goes over and under, the other end goes under and over.  I'm off to try some Kaiser rolls!  And the photos of garlic and rosemary in your Parkerhouse rolls made my mouth water!  Think garlic and rosemary would taste good in Kaiser rolls?