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Use of Broth in Dough

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Use of Broth in Dough

I know that this is an extremely weird question, but has anyone ever used chicken broth in a bread recipe in the place of water and butter or oil?  I was cooking chicken to use in chicken salad-filled bread bowls which I plan to bring in to my co-workers for lunch tomorrow.  As I was pouring out the broth, I wondered if there were any recipes that would actually use the broth.  I know turkey stuffing tastes much better when made with broth rather than water, so perhaps there are bread recipes that actually are improved by replacing water/oil with broth.  Anyone?

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the second loaf  T80 miche with porcini and chicken stock


Greg R

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Thanks, Greg.  That was a very helpful link because it showed the photo, and the broth does not seem to have affected the crumb or crust adversely.  That was the main thing I was wondering about.  I knew the flavor would probably be enhanced.  And thank you, kermitdd, for reminding me that the only thing I really lose by experimenting is one evening's worth of work--not much in the general scheme of things.  Still, it's nice to know if anyone has tried it and how it turned out.  And it's nice to have an actual recipe I can use.  Thanks again.

Sheri B.

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I made my own stuffing for the last Turkey day, I made my go to Sourdough with chicken stock and fresh herbs and some poultry seasoning, then Cut up the loaves, dried them into crumbs, then made the stuffing with that flavored bread.  My mother in law mandated that I will make the stuffing from now on.  Thats the best I could have hoped for.


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My dad would make some breads for friends in his bakery that way when it came time for the holidays.  Really makes a difference in the stuffing and so easy to do.

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Mini Oven

My chicken broth has lots of protein, you could end up with tough bread, then again...

Did you put salt in the broth?

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No, I used no salt.  Actually, I didn't use any vegetables either because I wasn't planning on using the broth for anything--just throwing it out.  I would definitely want to add onion, celery and perhaps carrots if I were planning on using in dough. 

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I baked a challah last year using the formula from George Greenstein's book. I substituted low-sodium chicken broth for the water in the formula and it turned out great. My friends and I loved it and found that the broth gave it more depth of flavor without being overwhelming in any sense. The dough may have been a little bit looser but that was the only handling difference. I didn't make any other changes in the ingredients except for a slight reduction in salt to account for the salt in the broth. I would say "Go for it!."