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Ooops!! What have I done?

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Ooops!! What have I done?

I started making wheat bread yesterday afternoon.  I'm learning this is an all day affair.  It got too late to let it rise one last time and bake, so after I put them in loaf pans I put them in the frig.  Well, I didn't cover them, and I certainly didn't expect them to rise.  Now as I look at them sitting on the stove, I'm wondering what to do with them now.  My first instinct is to take them out of the pans, knead them a bit, put them back in the pans, let them rise, and bake them.

Any opinions?  If I don't hear soon (it's 5 p.m.) I'm going to go ahead with my plan.  Since I've taken them out of the frig, they have fallen.


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:S  I have no idea what to do :S  how long were they in the fridge for?