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Artisan Baker D. Chirico

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Artisan Baker D. Chirico

Hi, I guess this is more for Aussie viewers, if you're unable to watch 'italian food safari' online at the sbs site. Episode 4 had an excellent segment on Artisan Baking at Baker D. Chirico in Melbourne.

I loved his breads and techniques, and am trying to find out more, but not much on the net, no official site from what i can see either.

Sourdough lovers especially would love his bakery and bread. His bakery is too far for me to  travel, being in another state altogether, however, if he were to write a book, I'd be the first to break my 'no more buying books' rule, especially if a cd was included ;)

Has anybody else heard of this baker or seen the episode or been to the bakery? I heard its mad!