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No Patience

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No Patience

Okay.  I have absolutely no patience.  My starter is bubbling, but not much.  Correct me if I'm wrong...I remove half my starter and feed it 50/50 water and flour.  If I do this more than once a day, will it be ready faster????


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Sorry you are having problems. How long has it been since you made your starter and what did you use to make it with? (what kind of flour). Yes, it will help if you feed it every 8 hours. Don't use chlorinated water. Add some fresh rye or whole wheat flour if you haven't been using whole grain already. When you feed it, continue to dump out at least half of it and then make sure the feeding is at least twice as much as the starter after you have dumped. Don't give up--you will get there. Your starter should be very actively bubbling with frothy bubbles on top when it is ready.