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My first Preferment - YAY!

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My first Preferment - YAY!

So, after spending hours and hours on this site, I decided to try my hand at pre-fermenting. I have a couple of tried-and-true sandwich bread recipes but I decided to be adventurous and converted a French bread recipe from Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book. I even tried shaping a batard!!!


The results of my efforts: crusty-chewy crust, robust flavor and a passable crumb in not-too-badly shaped football. :-) I couldn't be more thrilled! There is no way but up from here.


Next experiment: Rustic Bread.


Thanks to all you folks for your posts and the information on this site. I now have a whole new world of adventures ahead of me!!! And, I couldn't have done it without you.


p.s. I promise pics of my next experiment. Now I have to find the darn computer-camera cable. :-)

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Postal Grunt

Just wait until you bake your first sourdough loaf.