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what type of bread for an Oktoberfest?

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what type of bread for an Oktoberfest?

The Rotary Club that I belong to is having an Oktoberfest about six months from now and I'm wondering what type of bread would be appropriate to make.  There will be probably 100+ folks there.  I probably won't be able to make a huge amount of bread but think I could pull off 10-12 loaves of ~ 3lb size or so without too much trouble.  I'd be grateful for whatever suggestions the readership might have.  Mini?


Dave Hurd, Hilo, Hawaii

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Mini Oven

Depends on what you serve. ? ? ?

Bauernbrot is good for the basket and the spreadable open faced breads slathered with cheese spreads and potato cheese, also served with brats & sauerkraut!

White Kaiser rolls and all other white hard rolls also for the bread basket and common for Gulosh and soups and also brats & sauerkraut!

All breads go good with whole grilled chickens!  

Baguettes with the salads!

And don't forget pretzels, thick and thin to go with food or beer!  or both... potato salad...

Man am I getting hungry!  Can we have Octoprilfest?

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You are making me hungry Mini!  My fondest memories of my time in Germany are of dinner at the restaurant down the street from my apartment and the incredible cordon bleu with brat kartoffel and gulash zuppe they made.  Never had better.  Would love a good gulash zuppe recipe.  Theirs was thick and favorful with nice chunks of meat, but no decernible peppers. 

Have not made pretzels in awhile.  Maybe tomorrow.  Though I might have to wait until next week to see if I survive Easter.  Somehow I volunteered to be responsible of breakfast at my church for after the Sunrise service.  But first I am cooking dinner at a homeless shelter on Saturday and singing at the Holy Thursday service tonight.  This after having made 32 quarts of soup in the last two weeks.

I second the Kaiser rolls with a nice thick, crackly crust.  Good plain, better with butter, best with a few Nurnberger bratwurst sandwiched in the middle.

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Having been to Munich's Oktoberfest way back in 1979, in brief moments of sobriety I have vivid memories of the best giant pretzels coated in poppy seeds or salt I have ever tasted. Mind you, given the parlous state of the £ v DMark that was all I could afford!.  Cheers Steve

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All of the above suggestions are good.  Here is another -- Mike Avery's New Bohemian Rye Bread, a. k. a. Deli Rye

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Thanks very much to everyone for their great suggestions.  I'm glad that there's six months for me to practice and get things right!


Dave Hurd, Hilo, Hawaii