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WHat kind should i keep?

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WHat kind should i keep?

I am making a miche and that is a 50% White and 50% white whole wheat miche. My question is what sort of starter should i keep? A 100% white one? A 100% white whole wheat? Or a 50% each starter? I remember reading something on Farine about Gerard, and he feeds his levain with the same build he uses for his dough, which was a combination of flours. Any suggestions?


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Some people keep one of each and never let them even see each other. Others keep one (of either type) and when needed, switch it up over a few feeds to the other type. It doesn't take a lot to flip a starter from one to the other and have the original flour basically turned marginal in only a couple of feeds. The added bonus is that you don't have to feed & maintain two different starters. Also, a white starter gets a nice boost from getting fed WW or Rye now and again.

Still some people keep several different starters going at the same time, maybe keeping different cultures separated, like a San Fran starter plus and Italian starter plus some other type, etc.

So decide how important it may be for you to keep a strain of starter pure. Then from there decide if you must keep separate starters or just switch you main one over as needed.


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Can you explain what happens when a white starter is fed ww or rye? Does it get more sour or more gassy?

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Doc Tracy

I keep one whole wheat and one rye. However, if space, time or flour were an issue I'd just keep the rye. I find my rye starter more sour. I use the whole wheat in anything calling for WW or white starter. (I rarely bake anything white). I use the rye for anything rye or mixed.

I have converted starters over a couple of feeds and it's very simple. In fact, a couple of weeks ago I accidently "switched" my starters by feeding them the wrong flours. No big deal. After a few more feeds I really couldn't tell a difference and I think the WW might have benefitted by becoming a little more flavorful.

I used my rye starter in pancakes yesterday. It was delicious.