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Scotch Baps

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Andrew S

Scotch Baps

Hello Everyone!


Scotch Baps.


Hand mix.   

Dough Temperature.             24˚ Centigrade.

Yield,  9  @ 70g.  660g.         Includes  5% excess for process loss.

Bulk Fermentation Time.      120 mins

Knock Back.                           90  mins

Here is a formula and method for a small batch.  When upping the yield, go by the %s and not the given recipe. 


100                  Strong Flour   390g.

59                    Water              230g.

5                      Butter             20g.

2                      Yeast               7.75g.

2                      Salt                 7.75g.

2                      Sugar              7.75g.


Dough Temperature Calculation.         There are several ways to do this.  I will give you a basic one to start with, if you want more involved, please contact me.

Take the temperature of your FLOUR    Subtract the number from your DOUBLE THE DOUGH TEMPERATURE. This will give you your  WATER  Temperature.

E.g.   Flour is  20 C.  So,   20 taken from 48 = 28.  Which is your  WATER TEMPERATURE

METHOD.     Put your tempered water in a bowl, add your yeast and disperse.  Add the flour and the other ingredients on top of that.  Bring it all together, trying to keep one hand clean.  I like to use a plastic scraper to help with this.

Tip your bowl onto a work surface; continue to combine with one hand and your scraper.  Work the dough with both hands now, stretching, tearing and turning.  Note.  Your B.F.T time starts from the point when the dough has roughly come together and not when you have finished mixing.  Continue to extend and tear the dough, it should become very smooth and elastic, being able to extend a long way before tearing.  I give my dough 15 to 20 minutes of hand mixing but for small rolls like these, you can get by on 5 to 10 minutes.



Lightly mold the dough into a round, place back into the bowl, cover and leave for the remainder of the time before knock back.   I.e.  20 minutes  from 90 gives 70 minutes in the bowl.  When the knock back time is reached, give another minute or so gentle kneading to expel the gas.  Return to the bowl and cover for the remaining allotted time.


When the fermentation time is up, take the dough and scale off @ 70g.  Try to do this in one piece and not end up with several little bits making up the 70g.  Cover the pieces with either plastic or a damp cloth.  Mold the dough pieces into round shapes, cover and rest for 5 minutes then re mold and cover.  Leave for 10 minutes to relax.



Pin out to slight oval shapes, roughly 4 by 3 inches in size.  Wash the surface of each dough piece with water and dip into flour (to give a good crust).  Place onto a tray, dusted with semolina.  Cover with a light cloth, plastic sheet or a tin etc. Whatever works for you.  Leave at room temperature until doubled up and a light touch with a finger leaves a slight indent. This is around 40 minutes in my kitchen.

Bake @  232C.  450F.  for around 10 minutes. 



Allow to cool on a wire rack.


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I never heard that term before. The rolls look nice, Andrew, and I always like learning new regional recipes.