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Introduction & Question, Sorghum in Bread?

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Introduction & Question, Sorghum in Bread?

Wanted to introduced myself first.  My name is Gregory and my partner and I own a handmade soap and aromatherapy company in Nashville, TN.  I've recently taken up bread baking and he has taken up photography as our "hobbies" since our business no longer feels like a hobby anymore.  LOL

I've baked bread in the bread machine on and off for the past couple of years but made my first loaf from beginning to end from scratch last week, using my new baking stone.  (Honey Oatmeal Gift Bread recipe)...turned out great.

Has anyone ever used Sorghum Molasses in bread, perhaps as a replacement for honey?  I have some here from Kentucky and would love to incorporate it into a recipe.  Thanks in advance,


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Welcome to the Fresh Loaf!

Sorghum molasses ought to work as well as any other sweetener.  You might also want to substitute it for regular molasses in a recipe that calls for molasses.  When you substitute it for honey, it will lend its own flavor so don't be surprised by that. 

If nothing else, you can drizzle it over some freshly made, hot cornbread and you know that's going to be good.