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Adaptation on Hamelman's Point a Calliere

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Adaptation on Hamelman's Point a Calliere

When I saw posts here about the Point a Calliere I said I must try it. This weekend I made it and it turned up quite nicely. As I dont have high extraction flour in my area and I didn't have an option to get some, I used a 85% WW and 15% AP flour mixture hoping to get similar results.

Point a Calliere


Point a Calliere Crumb

The crust was nice and chewy and pritty crisp. The crumb had a wonderful aroma and a lovely earthy wheat taste to it. It definitely had a sour tang to it wich I loved. Although it was quite open for a 85% WW, It didn't have the texture I saw here when High Extraction flour is used. Next time I will try to use 75% WW and to add  another S&F.

I really enjoyed this bread and definitely reccomend it! I hope to keep posting about my baking experience here on this wonderful commiunity!