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no knead ciabatta

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no knead ciabatta

I've been working on mastering ciabatta since this summer, and thought the no knead technique might work to get the crumb structure I wanted. I tried the NYT recipe cut into four pieces and let proof on a floured canvas cloth. They didn't turn out with the rustic ciabatta shape I'm used to, but the color was nice:


After cutting them open I was (again) disappointed with this method. They were super light, almost squishy inside, and easily collapsed. The crust is just not crusty enough either, even baked outside of the pot on a 500 degree preheated stone. I DO like the open crumb, but feel it's a trade off on the texture and lack of flavor. We've dubbed it "the wonder bread of the artisan baking movement". I guess it's just not for me. :)