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A proud moment!

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A proud moment!

After much experimentation I think I have finally cracked my first loaf!

The recipe from TFL:

3 cups flour
2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons yeast
1 1/8 cup water

I went to my local supermarket and bought some new flour (more expensive) and yeast.

This time I kneaded the dough for 12 minuts ...after around 9 minutes there was a marked change in the consistency.

The dough went very creamy with a marzipan-like finish.

I put the dough in a container where I could actually measure when it had risen to twice the size - which was in fact 60 minutes rather than the 90 minutes I had normally left it for.

I shaped it this time ensuring maximum tension across the surface and left it in a warm room for 25 minutes.

The result - a smooth creamy looking dough - my others were not like this!

I heated the oven to 180C and popped the dough in.

After 45 minutes I wrapped the loaf in foil and put it back in the oven for a further 15 minutes.

This time I smelled the lovely aroma of bread rather than yeast or beer!

After the full 60 mins I pulled it out of the oven.....tapping the bottom and it sounds hollow at last!

As for the crust - lovely golden brown and not at all hard.


The bread was then paraded around the house for all to see!

I haven't tasted it yet as it is cooling on the counter.....but I'm sure it will taste amazing.

I can only thank everyone who has provided advice and guidance...thank you all!


Proud as punch!

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The loaf looks gorgeous and you deserve some gloating!

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Mini Oven

You are now officially hooked!  That is one fantastic looking loaf!


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Welcome and well done! Couldn't help but notice the Ribena in the background, lovely stuff. The last place we lived in England before moving to the States was Ideford, a little village near Newton Abbot. The cows came past twice a day for milking and did some "pruning" as they wandered by. Happy days, A.


Oops! Guess I have been away too long - for "west coast" I read "west country"! So sorry, a senior moment. Your bread is still lovely, A.

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It's all gone!

I managed a couple of slices before my wife, son and alsatian snaffled it up!

Hell of a difference between homemade and supermarket bought.


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Very nice.  Congratulations!

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That is fantastic looking.

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That looks terrific!  Congratulations!

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is the way that you put all the advice you received to work!  It's one thing to receive advice and quite another to utilize it effectively.

Great looking bread!  

My only criticism: why on earth are you feeding it to the dog?!  No way would I let an animal anywhere near something that I had worked so hard to achieve!  ;-)


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Thanks guys....


Paul....if a 6 stone alsatian wants bread then I'm not arguing!

All the advice was invaluable and I would have continued in vain for a long time.

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Mini Oven

And know when it's in process and baking.  They have a keen hearing for when you pick up a bread knife or even think about cutting off a slice.  They know what's good!   LOL!

You'll have to figure out a way to keep it for yourself.