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Pastizzi (Maltese Savory Cheesecake)

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Pastizzi (Maltese Savory Cheesecake)

Next week we will be celebrating my daughter Valerie's 23rd birthday. I asked her what she would like me to make for her. She  said, she wanted to help me try and make my moms Pastizzi to keep the family tradition going. I got the recipe from my sister and did a test run. We will need to  adjust a few things next week.

1. salt and pepper they were bland.

2 The shaping needs lots of work

The Puff pastry ( The hardest part) I was pleased with, It was light and flaky. I think Valerie will have her birthday wish come true!


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Don't leave us hanging, tell us more!! I've never had the pleasure of Pastizzi. What are the savory ingredients? and how or with what, is this served?



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Next week my daughter and I with  guidance from my sister will get this down and write it up. In Malta this is the most famous and cheep street food. It is best served right out of the oven. It can be served after dinner with coffee or before dinner with wine. There were many times that friends of my mom requested this as the main dish. The filling ricotta cheese parmesan cheese and parsley. It would be my pleasure to share this recipe in tribute to my mom.