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Will Slick Method 100% naturally leavened Sourdough

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Will Slick Method 100% naturally leavened Sourdough

Will slick Method 100% naturally leavened, white  Maltese bread.

Flour 100% ( Including flour from starter )

Starter 33% ( 100% hydration )

Water 67% ( Including water from starter)

Salt 1.6%

Sugar 2.5%

Butter 2.5%

Milk 1 TBS @ 600G total flour

The final dough was built with two additions of flour and water keeping the braum at near 100% Hydration. Then the addition of the remainder of flour and the other ingredients.The final dough was kneaded into a fairly smooth elastic ball, then fermented till nearly doubled with one stretch and fold after about two hours. the fermented dough was shaped and proofed till near double then baked at 475f for 30min.  total time from start to bake about 11hours.



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They look wonderful.  I guess you solved your problem?  And this way works just fine for you?

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The Roadside Pi...

I am happy with the results. As long as I have the time I don't mind the steps. I am moving on to a 331/3% Whole wheat bread just added the last of the dry ingredients. She will ferment over night for a morning bake. Same formula just substituted 200G of the white  flour to whole wheat . So far looks like I will have to adjust with a bit more flour. I hope the texture is not like vinyl LOL.

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Lechem (not verified)

Looks wonderful!

For me to be able to follow your recipe can you re-arrange your recipe to baker's percentages? So...

Flour 100% (excluding starter) and everything else in relation to that.

You'll find bakers writing a formula in a few different ways. Most commonly is the way I've described but others might add another table and break everything down into flour and water including the starter.

So they will give you Flour + Water + Salt as table "A".

Then... Flour + Water + Salt + Starter as table "B".

Flour always being 100%. However you've amalgamated the two tables.

Great looking loaves though.