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pics - Muns ... or maybe Buffins?

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pics - Muns ... or maybe Buffins?

I finally got around to posting a few recent things I have been baking recently. 

Breaking with my usual whole grain habits, I decided to make some white flour English muffins using a levain with an overnight fermentation, then adding some baking soda in the morning.  Only in my sleepy daze at the end of the day I made the dough with water in place of milk, so the results were more like a hybrid between a muffin and a bun - Buffins?  Muns?  any other suggested names?


The next loaves are a couple of sweet potato sourdough loaves I made inspired by the "warm confort bread" posted by inlovewithbread - they had a little cumin which added a lovely warming taste to them.


Lastly a couple of skinny french sticks (stiques?) from my own sourdough recipe - made with steam this time, which was a revelation in giving a thin, crispy crust!  It was the first time I heard my loaves singing coming from the oven - quite a thrill in the middle of winter!


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Matt H

Wow, after the first pic, you're thinking to yourself, "Those probably taste good, but this guy doesn't have much of an eye for aesthetics."

And then you scroll down...

Wow! Gorgeous loaves, worthy of high prices at the "boulangerie". :)