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My take on JMonkeys Sourdough Pizza

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My take on JMonkeys Sourdough Pizza

Here is my version of JMonkeys Overnight Sourdough Pizza Crust

I've been making a this pizza once a week for about a year now and we just love it. I changed the recipe since I don't like whole wheat and I use all of my discard so some of the ingredients are a little different. I also changed his method a bit, since I prefer to use a machine to knead..but his stretch'n'fold also works great.

377 grams bread flour

255 grams water

7 grams salt (which I add after autolyse)

18 grams olive oil

70 grams starter discard (mines at 75% - but I can't imagine more/less at different % makes much difference)

The night before - mix ingredients then autolyse an hour. Machine mix (cuisinart speed 2 for 4 minutes, then speed 4 for 4 minutes).  Then dump into an oiled covered container and sit on counter overnight to double. Next morning stretch'n'fold and put back same containter and pop into fridge.  A couple of hours before it's needed pour dough onto floured counter and cover with a bowl.

I gently nudge it into 14" x 16" shape on piece of semolina dusted parchment paper, stab all over with a fork, and prebake for 3 minutes at 450 before topping.

Thanks JMonkey for this pizza - we look forward to this all week :)