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sourdough formula question

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sourdough formula question

do you figure your starter as an ingrediant or as part of the flour and water weight.  eg. if I am using a recipe that calls for 36% starter and Im using a 100% hydration starter, do I just way it against the total flour weight, or do I way it, then subtract the amount of flour and water from the weights?  you dig?? 


so: 100% flour                   lets say Im using 10 lbs flour.  that would be 6.8 lbs water and 3.6 lbs starter.  now...would that not make my hydration

     68% water                    go up because of the extra water I'm adding with the starter? how do I account for that??  I guess what I'm really asking

     36% starter                   is how do I write a formula for a sourdough using a 100% starter.

     2% salt

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In this case, I would use 10lb flour, 3.6lb starter, because the recipe called for 100% flour, 36% starter.  But I would also see this as specifying 118% flour, so I'd also be tempted to rewrite it so the flour in the starter was part of the 100% (which would mean the 10lb flour would be listed as 85%, not 100%, and the rest of the figures adjusted as well).

Take the flour and water of the starter into account when computing final hydration.  In this case, you have 11.8lb flour and 8.6lb water, for a total hydration of 73%.