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Electric Oven

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Electric Oven

I know their has been plenty of discussion about steam ruining electric ovens, but the oven I have is basic electric oven no electronics no digital display or anything like that. Just regular oven controls you would also find on a old gas oven. Should I still be concerned about the steam possibly ruining the heating element. Or should I be ok as long as no water spills

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Steam should not adversely affect the heating element in an electric oven.  Some steam is produced from anything you cook in the oven whether you're roasting a turkey or preparing a pot roast.

My oven is electric and it has digital controls.  I've never had a problem using steam in it.  IMO, it's not the "electric oven" but the manufacturer (brand name) of the stove.  The owners manual for your stove should contain information about using steam but, if it doesn't and if your stove doesn't use digital electronic circuit boards I wouldn't worry about it.