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Is it worth trying to save this mistake?

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Is it worth trying to save this mistake?

Due to a mistake in reading a recipe I have mixed in a bowl: 1.25C water, 1 C flour and 1.5TB of yeast.


It's bubbling away but I'm not sure what to do with it now.


It's a lot of yeast!


I'd rather not throw it away.


Can anyone offer any advice please? 

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That is a lot of yeast!

You certainly could make something with it. Throw together a simple wheat or white bread dough. Expect to cut WAY down on the rise times.

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Emily Buehler

It's probably too late for this now, but in the future, you could try scaling the recipe up to match the amount of yeast. (It looked like you used about four times the usual yeast? so add three more recipes worth of flour and water, and then four times the salt.) This will give you a lot of dough to mix, but then you could bake some and freeze the rest of it, and next time you won't have to knead!

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I think I'll just throw it out.

I've run out of flour anyway!!


Thanks for the thoughts.