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Peter Reinhart recommends The Fresh Loaf!

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Peter Reinhart recommends The Fresh Loaf!

If he's already seen it, I'm sure Floyd is too modest to point it out, but I thought that folks should know that Peter Reinhart, author of The Bread Baker's Apprentice and other books, praises The Fresh Loaf in his latest blog entry, and also references Floyd's awesome pictographic trial of the Sullivan St. / NYT method of making bread.

Here's a link to the entry.

And here's the top of the post:

Everyone's been buzzing about the recent NY Times article on no knead, wet dough bread, baked in a casserole dish (Le Creusset is the preferred choice, if you're lucky enough to have one--my wife just reminded me that we need to go out and get one right away!). The recipe is from Jim Lahey's Sullivan Street Bakery, one of my favorites in NYC. Many of you have written to me, asking my thoughts on it so let me comment in a second. First, I want to refer you to a great bread website: out of Portland, Oregon. Floyd Mann, the host of the site (and a long time friend), has journaled his tests of the NY Times recipe there and opened it up for chat.

There's an interesting discussion that follows on Peter's thoughts about the technique.