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♥♥♥ Christmas Present For Someone Who Has Everything - Oblaten Wafer Cookies ♥♥♥

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♥♥♥ Christmas Present For Someone Who Has Everything - Oblaten Wafer Cookies ♥♥♥

I'm always faced with what to get several people who already have everything. Well this year I found something that is exquisite and inexpensive, and in the "food" category.

They are Oblaten Cookie Wafers. There are websites I have personally tried while in search for this Holy Grail from my childhood. This was an award winning treat coming from an old spa resort town of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. It has a sweet layer between two wafer thin layers of crisp wafers. The total thickness is no thicker than a nickel or quarter. The effect of Communism and wars nearly obliterated all the families and locations where these were made. There are only a few sources for authentic Oblaten wafers left, and even fewer for those of us living in the USA.

  • The most well known is from in Minnesota, which comes in five flavors, a nice tin, and cut in 6 pie wedges. These are very good, and most people would be happy with them.
  • There is also a spin off somewhat similar creation that uses honey as the filler between the two thin wafers at which are also very nice, and come in two flavors. These are more chewy and fragile crackers, but also worth sampling.

These are very unique, low calorie, absolutely delicious, and I cannot think of a better gift.

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This sounds like something I'd like to make - can you provide a recipe?

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These sound rather like pizzelle. Are they similar?

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I don't have a recipe.  First thing you would need is a wafer iron which are considered an antique item. 


These are not like Pizzelle (example shown in this link), which are much thicker and with coarse waffle marks.


The best way to think about Oblaten wafers, since I grew up Catholic is two 7-8" wide thin Communion host wafers with a thin painted on frosting layer that dries while fusing two wafers together. 


They end up being delicate, break crisply, very light, not overly sweet, and a very unique treat.  The brand has the best quality flavor and freshness, and I like all of their flavors.  Before I found their site, I ordered the but they are not as good.  The honeywafer brand does not seem to have the same quality control in how they make their thin wafers, as they have a higher breakage rate, and I don't like the chewy/sticky texture from the honey.


Honestly, I think these would be very hard to make so they turned out.  If you buy a package you will see why I say that.