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Artisan flour

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sourdough greg

Artisan flour

I recently bought 50 lbs of artisan flour (specs below). Since few bread recipes specifically call for artisan flour, is there a "rule of thumb" I can use for when to substitute artisan flour for AP  (or other) flours? I know I'll use it for crispy crusted french baguettes, but when else should I routinely use it?



Sourdough Greg (and thinking of changing to "RyeGuy" since ryes, pumpernickels, etc, are really more my primary addiction, although I do love sourdoughs) 

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I also recently bought a 50 of Bay State "European Artisan" and found that the weight/volume is about 12% more for the EA. I honestly haven't had great luck with it, much preferring Bay's "Winona Patent" flour. Although I haven't done so yet (I pretty much switched back to Winona exclusively) I would suggest using up to 12% more flour. Note that the protien for the Artisan is also about 1-1.5% less. FWIW, the Winona is "treated"- IOW contains enzymes, which I feel greatly enhances fermentation.