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200% Sourdough Starter

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200% Sourdough Starter

So after working on many of the recipes here on The Fresh Loaf, I have finally started my first sourdough starter! I love sourdough, but after reading a couple of recipes for starters I got a little scared. I searched on google for sourdough recipes and found this website. I just started his recipe for what I think is a 200% starter, but now I'm scared because a lot of people think it needs to be 100% or less. Yesterday it smelt sweet like homemade honey butter and it was the consistency of poolish (may be a little dryer) Do you guys think my starter will turn out ok?


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That sounds like a 100%-hydration starter, more or less. Once your starter gets going, you can easily convert it. Just use equal weights of flour and water when feeding it and you'll quickly have a 100% starter.

I would highly recommend the starter tutorial on The Fresh Loaf. It's rock-solid if the directions are followed exactly. You can continue feeding the starter from the other site, of course, but I think having two will give you a good basis of comparison. After a week or two, keep whichever one is most active, and chuck the other.

Let us know how it goes.


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Thanks Eric! I finished my feeding a while ago and decided that I will keep it because it's bubbling and has a sour smell. I will definatly try your trick to reduce it. Hopefully it turns out ok and I'll have give the other starter a try too. I'll keep you posted!

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thanks eric for posting that sourdough tutorial.  funny, because i was just looking for some basic starter recipes - getting ready for next year when i embark on this sourdough challenge that everyone seems to be so at home with.

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Royall Clark

Thanks Diver for posting S. John's web site. The man truly has a passion for cooking! I looked through his recipes and found that I was saving them all. The "Swiss enchiladas" with all the heavy cream sounds so obscene that I have to give that a go for at least one diner!!

His simple approach to SD baking may not go with the purist but could help get the beginner up and running!

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Hey you're welcome! My starter is doing great, so I'm slowly gaining confidence! I only looked through a couple of his recipes, but Swiss Enchiladas does sound good.  Although, my mom has the best (and I mean the best) enchilada recipe! Hummm... now I feel like making homemade tortillas. Here's a recipe here at TFL. :o)

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did you notice a change in smell as the starter ripened?

Cheers, Jw.

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Yes, it's becoming more and more sour (with bubbles), but it's not rising. Although, strangely, the sourness is smelling more and more cleaner (sorry I don't know how to describe it) like the sourness smells better and more appetizing , but it is still very pungent. Will changing it to 100% make it rise? I guess really question is how do I know it's working? Ahhh! Too many questions! :o)




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if it's bubbling, your starter is working! Just keep feeding it regularly (about 2x per day,  about 7-10 days is good) to reach working strength.

I don't know how old your starter is, just keep going with it, sounds like it will work.

I keep a 178% hydration starter; it bubbles/gurgles a lot but doesn't really rise at all. When I made it initially (from water, flour, and organic grapes), it smelled pleasantly like strong parmesan cheese during the initial ferment. It even got a tiny bit of white mold on the hooch, which I scraped off quickly, and never came back. Once I got it on a regular flour/water feeding cycle, the cheesy smell dissipated, and it's never been moldy/funky since. It does produce a good amount of hooch (alcohol).

If you want to see more visual rising in your starter then a 50-60% starter will show a dramatic "rise" after you feed it. Liquid starters tend to produce a good layer of hooch, whereas firm starters don't.

Good luck and keep us posted on how it goes! :)







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So last Sunday I put it in the fridge after about 5 or 6 days. I pulled it out today and one of the two starters had a lot of hooche. The other one had a couple of bubbles. I dumpped out the hooche and continued. I have been throwing half away and adding equal parts of flour and water (1:1:1). Should I take it out of the fridge ? Should it rise? How do I know when it's ready?

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It's doing fine now. Today I started it on Gold Medal's Organic (unbleached) flour. I thought that would help the starter a lot because there would probably be more yeast on the flour. Wish me luck!