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Auvergne Rye Baguette with Bacon

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Auvergne Rye Baguette with Bacon


This one is from "Local Breads", a book I have love/hate relationship with. All 4 recipes I've tried so far from this book have turned out beautifully, however, with so many errors, I have to do extensive research online before trusting a recipe from there, such a shame, I would've loved to bake more from it. This one is super delicious, how can it not be, since bacon makes everything better, not to mention the already delicous baguette!


I followed the recipe closely, except for two things:

1)I kneaded minimally (2 minutes with my KA at speed 4) after autolyse and did a couple of folds during bulk fermentation, while the recipe instructed to knead the dough a lot longer. I like open crumb for my baguette, so I didn't want to over knead.

2)I put in all of the starter build by mistake (195g rather than 125g), luckily I realized it early on, so I adjusted water, everything ended up OK. With the extra starter, I did manage to get 4 baguettes, each about 310g, while some other posters have mentioned that they could only get 3 of 360g ones.

I put the shaped dough in the fridge for 12 hours, took them out and left at room temperature for 75 minutes before slashing and baking. They had great oven spring and the slash opened up well:

And ears one can lift up with

Fairly open crumb with visible bacon bits

The bacon flavor permeate throughout the bread, the best part is the crust - extra crunch and fragrant with the bacon fat.We ate this one straight without anything else, so yummy!


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Great crumb.  Great looking loaves!

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thanks :)

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Just beautiful color and crumb....I too love the book but have not tried the breads for the same reason...I wonder if the completed revision sheet is out there?

Have a Great Holiday...

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If you search here, you will find a long thread with some errors mentioned, and recently they have a error list posted somewhere, but it's not complete. Most of the errors are obvious, but some are downright confusing.

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Great looking loaves! I can almost smell them from the pictures.


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If I remember correctly, you love this book too right? I baked the polish rye from it after you recommended it, so good! Didn't take pictures though, but I will certainly make that one again.

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... always outstanding, your pictures are just fabulous!

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Good lighting is half of the battle.

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And they look delicious too. You can't go wrong with Bacon!


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Next time I might add even more bacon!

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... be amazed when I clicked on your post...


And I was!


I have to say that since I bought this book and read about the problems, I got sort of paralyzed and never baked anything from it yet. Afraid of failure.   I will follow your advice and search the forum before I try my first "experiment" with the book.  These baguettes seem like a very good option.


Thanks, absolutely great photos!

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Other than this one, I also recommend the following, they are all yummy and the formulas are correct as far as I can tell:

- Méteils au bleu (

- Polish cottage rye (don't have pictures)

- Puccia

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Your baguettes are stunning!

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Your posts have inspired me along the way!

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Wow - that is great looking bread!  I've tried many formulas from this book but this isn't one of them, and I'll have to fix that soon I see.  Even with the errors throughout the book that I admit are very frustrating this is hands down my favorite book, probably because of all the great sourdough formulas.  Nury's light rye is one of my favorites.  I also really enjoy the French Country Boule and the Genzano formula is spectacular.  I'm a very long term lurker here - finally got motivated to register - thanks!

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I am going to try to bake more formulas from this book, eyeing the Genzano one right now

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Very nice txfarmer! And the tomato is amazingly red. I'll bet that was good.


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I buy them every week!

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Your bread look so lovely but since the book is so prone to errors as you and many other have noted, I would like to ask whether you could give us the recipe - as you did it - for this awesome rye baguette.  I hope you will!  THanks.

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The recipe in the book is correct as is from what I can tell, but here's my version, with some "oh no" moments:

- starter build, adjusted for my 100% starter

starter(100% hydration), 60g

water, 35g

AP flour: 95g

WW flour: 5g

1. Mixed everything together, kneaded into a ball, cover and fermentate at room temperature (71F-ish) for 8 to 12 hours. I left it for 12 hours since we went out for dinner and lost track of time. Someone MIGHT have screamed at her husband to speed up on the highway to rush home. :P

- main dough

bacon, 280g

half AP + half bread flour, 450g (I was trying to imitate type 55 flour, both are Gold Medal brand)

white rye flour, 50g (I think any type of rye would work since it's such a tiny amount, but I have some KA white rye on hand and that's what the book suggests)

starter build, 195g (here's my biggest oops moment, I dumped all the starter build in, rather than the 125g specified in the formula)

water, 350g+7g (added the extra 7g to adjust for the extra starter, so I can have the same hydration level as the formula indicates)

salt, 10g

1.Rushed home from dinner in a panic because it's been a hair over 12 hours since I built the starter build, dumped all of the starter (oops), flour, and water together and mixed into a dough ball. Covered for autolyse, about 30 minutes.

2.In the mean time, cut up the bacon into 1 inch portions and fried them. (Don't fry them until crispy, they would taste too hard in bread) Took out and soaked up grease with paper towel, put in fridge so they could cool down quickly.

3.Add salt and bacon into the dough, realizing I've put in too much starter, cursed aloud while grabbed my calculator, added 7g extra water to adjust for proper hydration.

4.Mixed with my KA at speed 1 for 1 minutes, speed 4 for 2 minutes, cover and let rise for 4 hours.

5.At hour 1 and 2 S&F on the counter.

6.After 4 hours of fermentation, divide the dough into 4 portions of 310g, round and rest for 10 minutes.

7.Shaped into baguettes about 12 to 14 inches long. Put on couche made with parchment paper, cover with oiled plastic wrap, put in fridge for 12 hours.

8.Took out the dough, they hadn't increased in volumn too much. Left at room temperature for 75 minutes. The formula suggested 2 hours, but my starter is usually fast, and I have more of it in the dough.

9. Slashed with the traditional 3 long cuts on each baguette dough, load them into the 550F oven with baking stone. Steam as usual. There MIGHT be a panicking moment where I thought my stone is not big enough for all 4 baguettes. They barely fit, almost, with some crazy manuver in a very hot oven. I have burn marks to prove it.

10.Lowered the baking temperature to 450F, after 15 minutes, took out the cast iron pan used for steaming, rotate the baguettes. Bake for another 10 minutes, turned off the heat, cracked open the oven door, and let the bread sit in the oven for another 5 minutes.

11.Took out the bread, cool, take pictures, and eat!

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Just to keep things on the right path.... Assuming I have to curse (probability slightly higher than 90%),  in which language did you curse?



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Txfarmer:  the Auvergne rye baguettes  will be my next Local Breads adventure!


I was looking for a bread that could be retarded overnight, and this is it....


will report back!


to all of you who have made this recipe:  any other tips I should keep in mind about this bread?

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Finally.... I blogged about this bread, which is AMAZING!

I did not have the same extra open crumb that Txfarmer did, but by now you should all know I am not at her level of baking... still working hard to improve, though  :-)


the flavor of this bread is incredible!    


For those interested, here is the link....