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Land O'Lakes Butter Sale - Kroger

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Land O'Lakes Butter Sale - Kroger

LOL Butter is on sale for $2/lb at Kroger in the Dallas area, so if you're in the south, check the circulars this week :) There's no limit this year! Typically around cookie season, I've noticed they do this for a week or two so keep an eye out if you're not in our area.

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Fred Meyer, which is own by Kroger and is all over the Pacific Northwest, has been having crazy sales on all of their baking ingredients.  When I went in this weekend bulk spices were 25% off, vanilla extract was 50% off, and sugars and flours were all marked down.  So now is a very good time to stock up on thise baking supplies that keep well so you can use them through the remainder of the winter.

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$2 is expensive for a sale, then again I never buy the name brand butter.  Our local grocery store just had their butter on sale for $1.29 a pound.  It's the only butter I use and the quality is just fine.  Can't tell a difference.

We did just get an Ollie's near by which is a bargain outlet type store, the kind that buys other stores liquidations and such.  I got McCormick pure vanilla, the large glass bottle for $2.99!  It's $7 normally.  I also got a small bottle of McCormick almond extract for $1.99 and they aren't expired... which I assumed they would be.

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i live in phoenix, az. there is a possibility that fry's/kroger & safeway stores will go on strike at 6 pm friday 11/13/09. it is a union/company issue on basically health care for new employees.

if you want the lol butter & live in az, you might want to purchase it b4 6pm fri 11/13/09.


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I am in South Florida and was looking a few weeks ago, for some Lemon Extract and Orange Extract....the Publix down the street had a 1 OUNCE bottle of Orange Extract for $4......I found a 16 OUNCE bottle of it online for $10!! Amazing what you can find online!!! They also have all kinds of other spices and extracts for amazing low prices!! I would list the name of the site here but for the life of me, I can't find it in my emails. I will try to post it as soon as I find it. Just do a google search for whatever ingredient you are looking for and you will get a plethera of sites!!
Happy Baking!!